Our Collaboration

At Tupperware, we have the great joy of connecting with generations of women who pass on meaningful traditions to each other and thrive on giving advice—especially when it comes to bringing new life into the world.

With that, we’re so excited to announce our new recipe book, When Mama Eats Well, and our collaboration with What To Expect®.

The original What To Expect When You’re Expecting, often called the “pregnancy bible,” has been a cherished companion to expecting moms for over 25 years. Author Heidi Murkoff is THE expert on this magical time in a woman’s life.

Developed by our Culinary Specialist Erica Brotherton (while she was expecting her first baby, David!) alongside Heidi, this book features 51 quick and easy recipes, plus nutritional guidance and helpful preparation tips. An excellent introduction and companion to other What To Expect® titles like What To Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting, When Mama Eats Well helps you make the best food choices for yourself and baby

Tupperware Culinary Specialist Erica Brotherton and son David

The All New Hot Mama Party

Tupperware HOT Mamas (Healthy & Organized with Tupperware Mamas) love to party! Nothing feels more important than being at home with your kids—which is why so many mamas have joined Tupperware’s community of HOT Mamas. Find a local consultant and throw a HOT Mama Party, or find out how to party with the HOT Mamas.