FridgeSmart® 4-Pc. Set


Product Details

Get smart with unique technology that extends the life of produce and locks in nutrients. Superior venting system controls airflow and moisture, preventing hundreds of dollars in food from going to waste each year.

Product Details

Get smart with unique technology that extends the life of produce and locks in nutrients. Superior venting system controls airflow and moisture, preventing hundreds of dollars in food from going to waste each year. Designed for proper air circulation and advanced moisture protection to help keep produce fresh. Slide vent to match produce chart. Easy-to-see produce chart won’t fade.

Add to your FridgeSmart® collection with the purchase of the FridgeSmart® Vertical.

  • Includes two 1¾ qt./1.8 L Small Deeps, one 1 gal./4.4 L Medium Deep and one 1¾qt./1.8 L Medium
  • In Margarita/Snow White/Wintergreen
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Great product 6/14/2019
Reviewer: Trisha
I have used these for various fruits and vegetables. I felt they worked fairly well. I use Them on all my vegetables and felt they kept things fresher then my crisper or a plain plastic bag. I have a problem closing and opening them sometimes. This must be because of the tight seal. I have something stain the bottom but it washed right up .
Stains easily 6/13/2019
Reviewer: Michelle
I was in love with these until my strawberries got a little runny and stained the bottom of the product. Upon speaking with a rep, he said, oh just use some baking soda and try to get it off! Since Tupperware doesn’t warranty stains, you pay a high price for these that you don’t put in the microwave and they still stain and look horrible. Not happy! Poor customer service! These should not stain! They do keep items fresh longer but not happy with the stains.
You DESERVE it! 12/12/2018
Reviewer: Chelsea
Confession time!

I WAS totally a skeptic about the Fridge-smarts! In fact I only got them because I earned tons of free and half priced items by partying on Facebook with Joy Moore.

I’ve been using them very regularly for quite some time now. I use them for peppers, spinach, fruit, you name it. But in my head I was always thinking whyyyy am I using these?! Are they actually making a difference?!

Fast forward to last week. I had red and orange peppers. 4 to be exact. I only had room for 2 in my fridge-smarts so two sat out in the fridge. Welllll fast forward to this week I was getting ready to meal-prep and grabbed all of my peppers.

Guys!! This is where I was SHOCKED!!

My peppers in my fridge-smart were still firm and beautiful! My peppers in the bag were getting soft and wrinkly!!

Moral of the story... I totally BELIEVE in the Fridge-smarts and WILL be purchasing more the next time I order! We spend so much on veggies and fruits and WE totally DESERVE them to be fresh when we use them! No more throwing out stuff in my house! Fridge-smarts to the rescue!!

Thank you Joy!!
The Fridge smart pieces 9/26/2018
Reviewer: Carolyn
This is a very poor product. My food stays fresh longer in a plastic bag. Everything I have put in this piece spoils in 2-3 days. I would not recommend it to anyone. I have used Tupperware products most of my life and have liked them, but the products I purchased a year ago don't work at all. I am now using them to store craft products. Pretty expensive for this use.
What should I say here? 9/26/2018
Reviewer: Carolyn
Very bad product. My food lasts longer in a plastic bag than in this poorly designed product. Everything I put in it spoils in 2-3 days.
Bad Design / Not an Improvement on the Older Refrigerator Storage Containers 8/27/2018
Reviewer: Caroline
Fridgesmart's design introduced "venting" to the refrigerator storage containers. The older containers sealed completely and came with an interior raised bottom grid that kept the food from touching the bottom of the container/moisture collected in the bottom of the container. Fridgesmart does not come with such a grid and allows food to sit in its own moisture - presumably the venting takes care of the moisture issue - in my experience venting doesn't satisfactorily do this.

I've tried placing paper towels under my vegetables, but this isn't a great "fix". I find that I reach for my older containers and only use Fridgesmarts when the old ones are already in use. Forget putting melons or other water fruit in the Fridgesmarts - they will swim in their own juices and go bad quickly.

The Fridgesmart design needs a redesign. It looks like they were designed to hold a bottom grid, but Tupperware customer service confirmed that their is no such grid in the design. Pity. These would receive a completely different review if the bottom grid existed.
Bad Design / Not an Improvement on the Older Refrigerator Storage Containers 8/27/2018
Reviewer: Caroline
Yes, these Fridgesmart containers have "new & improved" venting that is suppose to be superior to their old refrigerator container design. In my experience using this Fridgesmart set plus a couple of older versions of the refrigerator containers, I prefer and reach for the older containers before using this pricey Fridgesmart set.

The reason is that this Fridgesmart set doesn't have the removable bottom grid tray that the older versions have - and that is a mistake. Vegetables have moisture and while the venting diagram/process is suppose to air the contents, I find that the venting process is no better than the older grid tray. The reason for the bottom grid tray is to let the moisture go to the bottom of the container & the contents don't sit in it (consequently, they stay fresher). The Fridgesmart containers allow the contents to sit in their own moisture & hasten the aging process. I've used paper towels in the bottoms, but this is a fantastic "fix". Melons & other water laden fruit - don't even think about it unless you want them sitting in their own juices.

I'm very disappointed in these containers, especially given my experience with the older models. In my opinion, Fridgesmart is a Fail.
Worth the Investment 8/1/2017
Reviewer: Danielle
I'm on a mandated fresh fruit and veggie meal plan and these containers keep all that produce fresh for days. Easy to keep salad greens crispy, cut veggies ready to grab, and fruit fresh and ready for meal prep. Helps keep the frig organized too. Tupperware got a jump on these containers and now competitors are trying to replicate. Get the real deal and buy these.
Buyer beware 3/4/2017
Reviewer: Robyn
Read find print of warranty:
I received the set as a gift and loved it. However, within one month of using it one of the humidity controls stopped working on one of the containers. Now the container doesn't do its job. Tupperware offered me a replacement, but I have to pay the $6 shipping charge. Very frustrating considering the cost of the product and the fact that it was only used three times before becoming unusable.
Diet worthy 2/12/2017
Reviewer: Terri
I got this set as a Birthday present from my sister in July .. I didn't even open the package until after Christmas when she gave me more of the same.. I am so pleased with this product. I have always like Tupperware, but this is by far the most money saving storage unit I have ever had. I used to buy and toss out unopened bags of lettuce every week.. I can not believe how fresh this will keep your chopped lettuce. I have had it store in the fridge for 2 weeks for me this is amazing. The small storage one is great for grape tomatoes that you leave on the counter, these will also keep fresh for 2 weeks.. no more wasting money when trying to eat healthy.
AMAZING and worth EVERY penny. 8/6/2016
Reviewer: Shelly
I NEVER thought I would be a Tupperware Consultant BUT I tried the FridgeSmart Savors as I waste at least $500 worth of fruit and vegetables annually as they go bad after just a couple of days in the refrigerator.

I decided to purchase a set of FridgeSmart containers and tested them on a bag of spinach. If I do not cook it within 2-3 days it goes bad. I put the whole bag in one of the containers following the directions. I opened it this morning to use some in omlettes that I was making and it looked like it had just come off the plant. It has been in there for a week. I kid you not it was amazing.

So I decided to become a consultant so that I can spread the word on these AMAZING containers. I will NEVER have to throw out another fruit or vegetable again. You really need to check out these FridgeSmart containers. In addition to all the other amazing products.
Fridge Smart 7/21/2016
Reviewer: Tiffany
Before i joined Tupperware as a Consultant, My neighbor/Tupperware Consultant Jo Anne loaned me one of her fridge smart containers. I put fresh strawberries in it and put it to the test. I just could not believe that something could possibly keep produce fresh for so long. Those strawberries lasted 2 mos in the fridgesmart before they started to go bad. I now have my own fridgesmart containers and they save me so much money every month, because our produce lasts..
Lost Fridgesmart Instructions 6/7/2016
Reviewer: carolyn
Cannot say how helpful "Grace" was today when I explained my chart of instructions got away from me when I got my new refrigerator. I had them posted inside the old refrigerator and forgot to take them out. Tupperware is such a wonderful company with wonderful products. The Live Chat is such a great feature for them also. Thank you!