Fridge Stackables Family Set


Product Details

Conveniently store cold cuts and toppings for an at-home or on-the-go sandwich station.

Product Details

Conveniently store cold cuts and toppings for an at-home or on-the-go sandwich station. Redesigned Fridge Stackables feature an improved seal for portability and new grids to keep sandwich toppings above moisture.

  • Includes two 2¾-cup/700 mL containers and one each 1.5-qt./1.5 L container and seal.
  • In Tropical Water
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Waste of money! 9/15/2018
Reviewer: Loretta
I bought this set last spring. I washed it in the sink and placed it in the cabinet. A few months later, my sister was looking for a bowl and accidentally dropped the set about 15 inches. One bowl broke! My consultant at first said that it wasn't under warranty because it was dropped. But after I reminded her that she was talking about Tupperware, she agreed to the replacement. Fast forward to Labor Day weekend. I held a picnic and used the set for the first time for the fixings for the hamburgers. After the picnic, they were stacked and the cover was put on and they were slid into the refrigerator. Later, I got them out to use some of the onions in a recipe. The cover will not go back on! You press it on and the second you let go, off it pops! I will never buy another Tupperware product again unless it is a vintage item.
More lids 5/18/2018
Reviewer: Rachel
I do wish this came with even just one extra lid, I get that but it's supposed to stack but in my fridge I like to use thin containers in the spaces between my drawers and the shelf below, it's about a 3 inch gap so it's a good place for sandwich fixins. I also saw another user concerned about the counter transmitting bacteria, and I agree. I've got around it by using a cutting board to make sandwiches on and I put these on the board but it's still frustrating not to have lids.
Perfect Containers Or Not 10/15/2017
Reviewer: Kimberly
I haven't bought this set for 1 major reason. I personally don't feel like cleaning the counter-top or wasting paper towels just to provide a sanitary spot to make a sandwich every morning. As there is only 1 lid, it means that the bottom 2 containers will be contaminated once you take the top or middle 1 off & set the others on the counter like most of us will do. I realize that things never stay sanitary, but when you live in an area like I do, there are mice that crawl everywhere. I'm not in a rural area, but I still get mice from time to time. It's unavoidable.
This is just my opinion. Maybe I'm being too picky, but if you don't mind that, it would be a perfect product for you. I'm just glad that I saw it before I bought it. There are other Tupperware containers I can use.
Perfectly designed! 9/19/2017
Reviewer: Frank
This is PERFECT for storing all of my sandwich ingredients, such as deli meats and cheeses. The fact that they are all stacked together is AWESOME and CONVENIENT when removing from the fridge. I took three seconds to read the item name, item description, and review the photo, so it was no surprise to me at all that there would only be one seal (lid). Since the items are designed to stack, and since the item itself is called STACKABLES, "logic would dictate" that there would only be one seal for the top container and the rest would be stacked below, making life so much easier. In fact, I bought two sets, one for all of my meats and cheese, and the other set for lettuce, tomatoes, sliced onions. When used as intended and designed, you can't complain and you will recommend it to all of your friends! :-)
Buyer beware! 8/2/2017
Reviewer: Sharon
You DO NOT get lids for each container. You get 1 lid and you either use it as a stackable set or as 1 bottom and 1 top. It never occurred to me to see if each container had a lid. Common sense dictates 1 lid, 1 bottom so you can mix and match containers. Needless to say this was a very expense ($27.00) mistake. If you want additional lids they can be purchased at a whooping $9.00 EA !! This ends my ever purchasing Tupperware again!!
A bit disappointed 7/19/2017
Reviewer: Monica
When I first received this, I thought I was missing a couple of lids. Quickly realized that there was only one lid and that they do indeed just stack on one another. Silly me, I thought the insert in the photo was another lid. For the price of this set there really should be additional lids.
Great product but old style better 7/10/2017
Reviewer: Mary
The previous deli containers came in a set each with their own lid. That works much better. For the price, each should have a lid as stacking not always best option. I did order 2 additional lids but that made them really costly. I love and use all my Tupperware but this one needs improving.
Not as happy as we could be! 6/30/2017
Reviewer: Linda
We feel there should have been one more insert to keep the meat up off the bottom
of the container . All we got was one, and maybe one more lid with the set considering how
expensive it was.