UltraPro® Super-Sized Magic Stack

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For large family meals, the UltraPro® Super-Sized Magic Stack has you covered! 


For large family meals, the UltraPro® Super-Sized Magic Stack has you covered! 

The UtraPro® range features Tupperware's exclusive oven-, microwave-, and freezer-safe material that makes casseroles, roasts, bain-marie, and stack cooking all possible.

For a limited time, get the large Roasting Pan and the Lasagna Pan with Cover in one exclusive set for one great price! This light and versatile bakeware set includes an UltraPro® 5.7L/6-qt base, a 3.3L/3.5-qt base, and a 1.2L/1.3-qt cover. Use each piece individually or stack them interchangeably for ultimate versatility.


  • Lightweight material tolerates temperatures up to 250°C/482°F and as low as -25°C/-13°F.
  • Non-stick surface makes serving and clean-up easy.
  • Rounded shape of the bases and domed cover optimize heat distribution.
  • Cover keeps oven clean and reduces the use of aluminum foil. It also simplifies the process when recipes require adding or removing a cover partway through cooking.
  • Ridges and indents on the rims allow secure stacking.

Dimensions (Metric/US):
Roasting Pan: W 26.6 x H 14.8 x L 36.4 cm
                        W 10.5 x H 5.9 x L 14.3 inch
Lasagna Pan: W 26.6 x H 10.5 x L 36.4 cm
                        W 10.5 x H 4.1 x L 14.3 inch
Cover: W 26.6 x H 3.9 x L 36.4 cm
            W 10.5 x H 1.5 x L 14.3 inch

Volume (Metric/US):

Roasting Pan: 5.7 L/6 qt
Lasagna Pan: 3.3 L/3.5 qt
Cover: 1.2 L/1.3 qt


250°C/482°F MAX
-25°C/-13°F MIN

  • Not for use in mini-ovens or on stove tops.
  • Although UltraPro® material is safe for microwave use, this particular size of pan may not fit in smaller microwave ovens.
  • Use non-metallic utensils when mixing and serving.
  • Always set the desired oven temperature manually because automatic programming may include the broiler/grill.
  • The material can withstand oven temperature of up to 250°C/482°F, but we do not recommend cooking or baking at this temperature, or for more than 2 hours, as food will degrade.
  • Place the UltraPro® at least 5 cm away from the oven walls, avoiding contact with heat sources and always ensuring that the broiler/grill feature of the oven is turned off.
  • When opening the cover, take care to open it away from your face to prevent steam injuries.
  • When removing hot UltraPro® from the oven, grab it by the handles with oven mitts and both hands to ensure a stable grip.
  • Let UltraPro® cool for 5 minutes after cooking and before serving at the table. Always use a trivet to protect table surface.
  • Soak UltraPro® in hot soapy water immediately after use.
  • We do not recommend reheating leftovers in the same UltraPro® that has been used for cooking as residues might burn. Clean the UltraPro® before using it for reheating.
  • Wash before using.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Avoid abrasives and use warm soapy water to gently wash.
  • Should fats burn onto the UltraPro® surface and leave brown patches, soak the pan for at least 2 hours in 4 tablespoons of dishwasher detergent diluted in 5L of hot water.

Limited lifetime warranty against defects in the material or workmanship under normal or household non-commercial use and cared for in accordance with instructions.

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