National Parks Lunch & Go Sets Forest

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Each set includes a one-piece, hinged Sandwi...

Each set includes a one-piece, hinged Sandwich Keeper and Small Packables Container made of Eco+ material.

Eco+ Sandwich Keeper, Small Packable and Eco To-Go Cup are made of Eco+ material— the first food-safe, sustainable material coming from mixed plastic waste or renewable sources.

5.08 x 4.05 x 2.02 inches
12.9 x 10.9 x 5.2 cm


The newly designed products created by Tupperware serve to help park-goers reduce waste at our treasured national parks. Products include three variations of artwork inspired by the diverse beauty of the iconic national park landscapes, from the desert and clay of the Grand Canyon and Arches, to the woods and mountains of Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon, Shenandoah, Rocky Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway and the waterfront scenery of Olympic. 

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