Classic Sheer® Pitcher


Product Details

Quench your thirst for extra-capacity beverage storage with this super-sized, smartly designed pitcher.

Product Details

Quench your thirst for extra-capacity beverage storage with this super-sized, smartly designed pitcher. Large, comfortable handle ensures safe, controlled pouring, even when the pitcher is full. Avoid messy drips, thanks to the perfectly angled pour spout.

  • In Tropical Water
  • 1 Gal./3.8 L
  • 10½"H/27cm.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Love This Pitcher! 8/28/2019
Reviewer: Vanessa
My mother and grandmother both had this pitcher when I was growing up and over time they were both lost in a move but I got the opportunity to replace my mother’s with a newer on and its going on a decade now and still just as good.
quality of pitcher 5/2/2019
Reviewer: Louise
The handle is solid and tough. This pitcher will last you a long, long time.The lid might wear some but Tupperware has a policy on their goods so you can replace parts of the lid as needed.
Question more than a review 4/10/2019
Reviewer: LORI
This is more of a question. How strong is the handle on this pitcher, My husband has issues holding things at times. I need a stronger one instead of the cheap ones from the $$$ store. Also does the lid stay on. Thank u for any info.
An old family friend! 3/17/2019
Reviewer: Daraah
My mom had a tupp. Party when I was 16 yrs old and I started working for the first Burger King in Calif. I spent my first 4 checks getting my dream kitchen with you guys. And got both of the one small and then new 1gal pitchers. I'm now almost 60, and have been married almost 33 years, and still have most of everything. Some lids cracked or broke, but I will need to replace the gallon pitcher due to hole warn into side bottom of it! Husband got too close to stove for tea when I got sick. Tupperware was awesome in my grandmother's time and still is!
Thank you for the same faith and quality from then till now!!! D. Youngblood
Really dislike my dog right now 10/11/2018
Reviewer: stephanie
So heart broken :( my mom had one of these since before i was born (26 in nov) we would alwats make koolaid in this, it was out go to pitcher, we had no other pitcher. My mom passed away in 2010 and i asked for very few things the pitcher being one of them. Our dog destroyed it today... I am at a loss of words and heart broken :( i didnt realize they ran such a price but will be buying another as soon as i can, it may not hold the same sentimental value but it will be a good lasting pitcher..
Childhood memories 3/15/2018
Reviewer: Melody
My grandma bought the clear and red version for my folks when they married. 2 years later I came along (I’ll be 25 soon)! My family still uses the same jug for our sweet tea today! I want to buy one for myself so I can remember home and a time when my own blood was sweet tea!
I'm getting one for my daughter-in-love 3/5/2018
Reviewer: Loretta
Yes, I still have mine and it is over 30 years old. I am always disappointed when I go in the store to buy a water pitcher, I use my for iced tea and juice, and they are flimsy and weak. I am getting this one for my daughter in love, she will love it I'm sure. It's fine to have something over 30 years but to have it and it is still in excellent condition and it hardly looks worn at all is fantastic.
My pitcher 11/7/2017
Reviewer: Sarah
I have this pitcher that is fantastic. I make ice tea and everyone loves it, I do mean EVERYONE. All I can say is tupperware is fantastic. Loved it when my mom had parties love it now. I had my pitcher since 1989.. I should buy another one. Highly recommend this product.
My pitcher 11/7/2017
Reviewer: Sarah
I have this pitcher that is fantastic. the lid did crack because of over use. I make ice tea and everyone loves it, I do mean EVERYONE. All I can say is tupperware is fantastic. Loved it when my mom had parties love it now. I did buy a pitcher from the store,, it did not last long at all. I had my pitcher since 1989.. Need to get replacement part plus I should buy another one. Highly recommend this product.
Awesome Pitcher 10/23/2017
Reviewer: Kimberly
I've owned a few of these in my lifetime, including the 2 qt size, & my Mom always had 1 she used for tea, Kool-aid, lemonade, etc, & her pitcher & my old ones are still in great working order. Her pitcher did get a bit stained, but after so many years (as long as I can remember) is understandable. I love that I can open & seal it up easily, use the lid to control the flow of liquid in it, strain ice that's put in it to cool the drink down, doesn't splash liquids everywhere, closes up easily, & is large enough to handle great quantities of drinks & other liquids. I've even used the smaller size one for transporting large amounts of gravy to family dinners without it spilling, even if I make a sudden stop & it tips over! My Mom would even use one at Christmas for her boiled custard. How great of a product is that?! This style will always be my favorite pitcher! I've owned quite a few styles of Tupperware pitchers, going all the way back to the old smaller pitchers that were designed to fit in the doors of old fridges (I think they're yellow) & have the flexible loop style handles, & the lids of the older small ones & newer other styles of pitchers either don't pour well or they will leak if accidentally tipped slightly.
You can't go wrong with the Classic Sheer Pitcher! I even thought about getting another one just for milk I get delivered; the milk is delivered in glass bottles, & I've had quite a few of those break & the milk goes everywhere in the fridge, & what a mess & stink that makes! I've also used them to mix pancake & waffle batter because I didn't have a mix & store bowl, & regular bowls dripped & made huge messes whether I poured from the bowl or used a ladle or measuring cup to dispense the batter.
I highly recommend this product. It will save you money by keeping the liquids & other things fresh longer so there is no waste & time by allowing you to make larger quantities at a time. Go ahead & get creative with how to use it! After all these years, I've never thought to test it with dry ingredients, but I'll try now!
Wanted One 10/20/2017
Reviewer: Amy
I'm 42 years old and my mom still has hers that she got when I was 5. Always wanted one and now I'll finally get one. Can't wait.
Welcome to our home Mr Pitcher! 4/11/2017
Reviewer: Mia
Lemonade, Sweet Tea Anyone? Super Sized Gallon is just right for families. Easy to hand wash. Lid comes apart with ease for washing. Love the Blue Color!
Thanks Tupperware ♥️
Best Pitcher 3/25/2017
Reviewer: Andrea
My Mother has had this pitcher for over 30years and it is the best pitcher I was so happy to see you still have it ordered her another one.
2 quart classic 9/28/2016
Reviewer: Debra
do you still have the 2 quart classic the gallon is to big and I don't like the cover or the handle on the new 2 quart size
Nice 8/6/2016
Reviewer: Debbie
Great pitcher. It's much bigger then I imagined. The lid is tight so it will seal well. It kept tea fresh for 5 days. Other brands I have used the maybe lasted two days and was not as good the second day. Very impressed with this pitcher.
1 Gallon Pitcher 5/29/2016
Reviewer: Michelle
The pitcher is not lime as described - it is blue, I really wanted a lime colored pitcher. The lid does not fit properly - it is too big. I used the lid from my old 1 gallon pitcher and it was too big too. I will keep the pitcher because I like the size and it is sturdier than what I find in the stores. I had a clear 1 gallon pitcher from 20(?) years ago and it was great but now it is very stained since it was for my iced tea. This is a great product despite the lid, I would buy again.