All-In-One Shaker


Product Details

So convenient! Seal doubles as a measuring cup with markings inside.

Product Details

So convenient! Seal doubles as a measuring cup with markings inside. Specially designed with dripless cap. Ideal for making, mixing, serving and storing dressings and marinades.

  • 12 oz./350 mL.
  • In Raindrop
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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not as shown in book 7/3/2019
Reviewer: Gerine
Per picture in the catalogue I ordered from there should have been an insert. No insert came with these. Now I have 2 shakers that I can not use with protein shakes. Waste of money again.
Quick Shake container 3/24/2019
Reviewer: TAMMY
So many negative reviews here saying that this product is no good. Most reviews are comparing it to the wrong product as it does not have the shaker insert. Try the “Quick Shake container” item, that’s the one that comes with the insert like the old style did.
Epic Fail 2/20/2019
Reviewer: DEBBIE
This is an epic fail Tupperware. Has no insert to mix, the lid is almost impossible to get on and the cap doesn’t bend back far enough to drink out of it. So not worth $12.00.
Not like the old days... 2/6/2019
Reviewer: Steven
I have been using these shakers literally for decades. I've given them to my children, and recommended them to friends. The insert for my old one melted in the dishwasher when it popped out of the silverware basket, so I ordered a new one. This "improved" version DOES NOT HAVE AN INSERT!! I might as well use a bowl and a fork to mix dressings, eggs etc. as this shaker doesn't work without the insert! Whose bright idea was this, anyway? Completely disappointed.
Huge dissapointment! 10/9/2018
Reviewer: April
There is no insert to mix your liquids. First thing I've been disappointed in. Tupperware should send us all an insert! Or at least sell inserts separately so we can buy one. Useless plastic container taking up cupboard space now!
Needs an insert 8/9/2018
Reviewer: Janet
Needs an insert to properly mix. I'm looking for a lid to the old shaker bottle. Use for dressings.
If anyone needs a good blender bottle for their protein shakes, I can help with that
All in one shaker - Disappointment 7/23/2018
Reviewer: Sharon
I’m very disappointed in this shaker. Purchased the shaker to make protein drinks but there’s nothing inside the shaker to break up the lumps! Tupperware needs to put complete descriptions on all their products when ordering from online parties OR completely stop with the online parties. This is the second product I have purchased that does not match its title. Never heard of a shaker without the insert. Back to Walmart shakers!
Great for salad dressings 7/16/2018
Reviewer: CLAUDIA
I just ordered a 3rd one of these shakers. My husband and I each take one to work for our salads. works great. I do sometimes struggle to get the cover on, but just have to run hot water over the cover where it attaches, and it fits fine.
Andrea 3/17/2018
Reviewer: Andrea
I just got this in exchange for the old mini quick shake. I haven't used it yet but I am very disappointed with all the negative reviews. I can't understand why it does not have an insert so when you shake it, it mixes your flour and liquid. I can't get the lid on either. I think I would like to send it back and get credit for my obsolete one. I'm not going to be able to use it. I am not going to have it explode everywhere. Tupperware redo this design and let us all trade in this piece of junk.
No longer has an insert; lid doesn’t fit well. :-( 2/21/2018
Reviewer: Pamela
Not like the old shaker from years ago. This one has no insert. Any container with a lid can be a shaker, but I need the powders I put in my drinks to be broken up and mixed well. Plus, the lid is very difficult to get on. Very. Difficult. I’m actually afraid it will come off just carrying it around. Yikes!
Looks like but not quite-not bad 1/3/2018
Reviewer: Janice
I have had the original with the little disc. I also have currently the more recent version of the shaker container. Those do have an insert with one side open and one side with slits in the plastic. They actually work for mixing my protein shakes with added Benefiber. This looked like the older version so I would have thought it would have the disc. As for the explosiveness, I found that to be true with warmer liquids. The pressure will build and explode. Or carbonated anything will explode.
Need a new shaker 12/7/2017
Reviewer: Roxanne
My yellow-ish shaker insert broke so I thought I'd get a replacement. When the rep said I could either mail it back to the factory for a replacement or call and have them send me a replacement for a $5.75 shipping fee, I thought I'd see what it cost new. Well, the reviews are telling me they do not make the shakers with the insert, which is what mixes it up! So, I guess I'll mail it back anyway.
No mixing blade? Not buying! 11/7/2017
Reviewer: JOAN
Cannot find my often used old yellow topped shaker with mixer insert. Was looking to replace but with reading these reviews, I won’t be buying this new version until/unless it has the mixer “blade” insert. The blade is the part that makes it a “mixer”. I can get a shaker by shaking a lidded jar! TUPPERWARE, are you listening? or not?
Kim 11/6/2017
Reviewer: Kim
Very disappointed in this item. Two times now it has exploded the contents all over me and my countertops. I was holding the top and shaking and it built up pressure and blew everywhere. Anyone have good luck using it?
Kim 11/6/2017
Reviewer: Kim
Very disappointed in this item. Two times now it has exploded the contents all over me and my countertops. I was holding the top and shaking and it built up pressure and blew everywhere. Anyone have good luck using it?
Shaker Disappointment 9/3/2017
Reviewer: Mary
I was going to buy this and thank goodness I read the reviews first. My old Tupperware shaker had the blade insert which is needed to thoroughly shake anything. I will not buy. Thanks everyone!
Thanks 8/28/2017
Reviewer: jeanie
Thank you for the previous reviews....I was buying one because i misplaced the blade out of my older one.
Corporate 7/25/2017
Reviewer: Barbara
No mixer blades and I bought three. Naturally I remember buying these years ago and they were called "shaker" then as well. I purchased a different brand that did not have the mixer blade and was dissatisfied. That's why I made the effort to google, create an account and order from Tupperware. I want a refund on all three now.
Very dissappointed 7/6/2017
Reviewer: kathleen
I too wish I had read the reviews on this product ! I was expecting the mixer blade tlike the old ones too :( I will be returning mine as well
Disappointed 5/21/2017
Reviewer: Joddy
I wish I had read the other reviews before I spent money on this. I too was expecting it to have the mixing disc like my old one that came up missing. The spout is nice but if I just wanted to shake dressings and marinades I can use a mason jar.
Where is the mixer part 3/18/2017
Reviewer: COLEEN
I too was thinking it was the shaker bottle from years ago. I even had to go back and look what I ordered.
shaker - all in one 3/18/2017
Reviewer: Donna
Not happy with item. I had thought was like the shaker with the insert blender of old shaker had from tupperware. I lost the insert for that and was expecting to get it with the all in one also. Hmmm now have two and if want the inserts need to buy more! NOT HAPPY. Can I get the insert for the old shaker?
Complaint on small shakers 3/12/2017
Reviewer: Donna
I have two but not what I was looking for when you say shaker..sure you can shake it but where's the screen like the big bottle has? Im not happy with these at all! Could you send me two screens for my shakers so I can use them thank you
disappointed 2/9/2017
Reviewer: Roxanna
I was also expected the mixer blade??? Does it mix anything?
Disappointed 12/20/2016
Reviewer: MEKALA
I was expecting to have a mixer blade in it like the older version had, to blend or mix powders in the convenient 12 oz size. It only comes with the measuring cup and lid.