Tupper® Minis


Product Details

These incredibly useful little containers are super for storing the small stuff! In the kitchen, use them to keep spices, sprinkles or candies.

Product Details

These incredibly useful little containers are super for storing the small stuff! In the kitchen, use them to keep spices, sprinkles or candies. They're also ideal for sewing kits, tackle boxes and packed lunches. Since the containers are stackable, storing them is easy.

  • Set of six
  • 2-oz./60 mL capacity
  • Each container features 1-oz./30 mL
  • 1½ -oz./45 mL and 2-oz./60 mL markings
  • Includes virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals
  • In Natural with Salt Water Taffy seals
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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(9 customer reviews)
Lids didn’t fit at all. 1/21/2018
Reviewer: Rita
Had to throw them all away! I wanted to use them for my salad dressings but NONE of the lids fit on any of them! I should have returned them but I tossed them instead! Grrr waste of my money.
Great minis 8/24/2017
Reviewer: Stephanie
I use these all the time to store small items, but use them mostly for salad dressing when taking my lunch to work. I've had no problems with the lids.
Great Size! 6/25/2017
Reviewer: Brittney
Perfect size to store small items! My favorite way to use them is for dressing for my salads. They hold just the right amount, and I don't have to worry about it spilling out onto my lettuce because the seals fit nice and tight!
My first 5/8/2017
Reviewer: miriam
This was my first purchase in the 60's, only cost 1.00 for the set then and I think the lids where yellow.
G 3/29/2017
Reviewer: Glenda
We called these containers "Tuppershots". They were great for helping with mixed drinks when out on the pool deck and I never had to worry about them getting broken. Used them this way for years. Go Tupperware!
Quality 3/6/2017
Reviewer: Cynthia
Lids do not fit. I tried soaking and warming but no luck. Cheap, clear plastic looks like the free cup from a bottle of cough syrup. Disappointed. Overpriced.
If yous seals don't fit 1/5/2017
Reviewer: Sharon
If your seals don't seem to fit soak them in hot water for about 30-45 minutes. Dry them off. Then put them on the product for 24-48 hours. If that does not work then call your consultant for a replacement. We are here to help! Ask me, I'm one. :-)
Horrible 11/22/2016
Reviewer: Diana
I bought these in the pink Breast Cancer awareness set, the lids don't fit. Unfortunately I did not use them within the 30 days that I bought them. Never thought there would be an issue. I brought them to work and gave them to people to try to put the lid on. No one could do it....poor quality, too much money to spend on defective product. Beware of these!!!!!! Return policy is within 30 days plus you pay shipping. Better cheaper alternatives out there
brilliantly useful! :-) 4/12/2016
Reviewer: Kylie Kay
These Minis, which were once known as Midgets, are the perfect size for lots of stuff: taking nuts or seeds for snacks to work; filling with condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc; a safe & spill-proof container for salad dressing on the go; and handy for carrying medications to work, play, or while travelling. I love 'em!