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Season-Serve® Container

Product Review (submitted on October 15, 2016):
I've had at least 3-4 of these since the 90's when I got married (then divorced). They are by far the cleanest & easiest way to marinade everything from London Broils & venison to shish kabobs. A good friend told me to try using the vacuum sealer I had gotten as a gift to marinade items, but it turned into one of the most messy kitchen blunders I've ever dealt with! I now stick to the Tupperware Season-Serve container. It fits easy in any size fridge (including Apartment Barbie Doll size fridges), it doesn't take up precious room in my tiny kitchen with very few cabinets, it's the easiest to use, & it cleans up easy. We are a family of Tupperware users, going all the way back to my Grandmother, & she passed away in '03 at the grand age of 94, & I inherited most of her's & much of my Mom's Tupperware. I rarely stick to a certain brand, but Tupperware is definitely the way to go! I give out the cheap containers to give others food in so I'm not out a piece of Tupperware (Tupperware & tools rarely find their way back, even from your friends with best of intentions). Buy this, & you won't be disappointed!