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Impressions 2-Qt./2 L Pitcher with Infuser Insert

Product Review (submitted on November 7, 2017):
Since my young days my mom and her friends had this size with no infuser. To make lemonade, koolades, juices, punches, iced teas and such because we did not have all the boughten sodas and stuff available now. They are hardening and wearing over the decades. They get too close to the stovetop and get burned. I am ordering some more for the holidays.
Have to get the gallon size now, but it is more stable and do not have to fill all the way.
If they are stained, wear some rubber gloves, pour in some cold water and bleach in, swab with a mild cloth. All the stains should go away. If it is heavily stained, it may take a few times. Take the lid apart, place in shallow bowl of same solution. Rinse.
Doubt some of these “Reviewers” because Tupperware does not break the way they say, you can bend it some, take a hammer to it and nothing will happen much.
Tupperware makes great wedding gifts. Never gets returned ;-)