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Large Hourglass Salt and Pepper Shakers

Product Review (submitted on October 28, 2017):
My Mom & Grandmother had these for many, many years, & they are still going strong! I agree with the reviewer who said it would be better if they were marked. I use white pepper a lot, & that won't look much different than salt while in the shakers. I am thinking of buying another set so I can have the option of types of pepper & salt.
Many people use sea salt now, but some prefer iodized, kosher, or other salts from that may be high in sulfur. Because of allergies, I have to be careful as to which salt is in what container. It would be nice if the sets have different colored lids so I could easily grab the right salt & pepper when I'm cooking & serving meals.
Other than the preference to make the shakers more recognizable, they are perfect for my table & on the road. Mine have gone on a whitewater canoe trips & many camping trips, & they have yet to spill. The spice containers aren't good for the table because they pour out too fast.
These are definitely worth the money, & your salt & pepper won't become damp or clumpy! You won't have to put rice in the shakers to keep them dry like you have to with many other brands & types of salt & pepper shakers.