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Modular Mates® Spaghetti Dispensers/Popsicle

Product Review (submitted on October 27, 2017):
This was probably one of my first pieces of Tupperware that I bought many years ago, but I've lost custody of a couple while moving over the years. I found out that without this, I make WAY too much pasta, especially for only 2 people. Unless it's mixed with something else, the pasta goes to waste. I've used mine to store all kinds of things, not just storing spaghetti, linguini, & angel hair pasta. The insert also helps you limit how much & how fast anything you store in it being poured out. I've stored different types of pasta, popcorn, rice, dried beans & peas, & more. I love the idea of giving them with ingredients & a recipe as a present!
I would highly recommend this container to anyone. It saves time, effort & tiny investment.