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Modular Mates® Super Oval 5/Black

Product Review (submitted on October 3, 2017):
I have owned this set & square sets for quite a while now, & I only have good things to say (& write) about the Modular Mates sets. I store just about everything in Tupperware containers, & I have never had anything go bad in them as long as they're sealed correctly. I even stored hamburger buns for over a year, & they were still in perfect condition! Even I didn't expect them to last that long. They definitely pay for themselves & then some by saving money on food & other products that would normally go bad. What sold me on these was when my consultant showed me brown sugar that she had stored & sitting in her van for over 2 years, & it was also in perfect edible condition! What other company could say that? They are versatile, they save space in small kitchens like mine, & they keep bugs & critters like ants & mice out of your food.
I would definitely recommend the Modular Mates line to everyone!