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Tupperware® Impressions 16-oz./500 mL Tumblers

Product Review (submitted on July 6, 2017):
I got these about 2 years ago and love them but...there is a problem. The cup is great and the fit of the lid couldn't be better, however the straw seal has a problem. Not sure if it was just my lids or there is a flaw in the construction of the lid. The straw seal is a two part piece attached to the lid and mine molded in a way I could not clean. Up in and under where the 3 types of plastic are connected mold found its way in and for the life of me it was there to stay unless I damaged the seal further. I got them for my 2 year old knowing they would be the only cups I'd ever need for him, which is still true. I just wish the straw part was like a lot of sippy cups in the fact that you can take the pieces apart and clean in and around the connections. Unfortunately this flaw isn't covered by the warranty, so ended up pulling the straw seal off the lid and now just have a lid with a straw hole which works but isn't ideal. When I called for advice no one could come up with anything I hadn't tried so I got the impression this isn't a common problem. I will probably buy more of the cups because they are that great but I wish I had known about the lids