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Daily Top Party Hosts receive the TupperWave® Stack Cooker Starter Set Up to 10 guests who place the highest order receive the Large Sports Bottle.


Daily Top Party Hosts

Week 4, January 16th through January 22nd (Look for a different week)

Date: Host Name: Party Sales: Consultant Name: Title: State:
01/16/2010 Juana P. $1,142 Edith Infante Director CA
  Mary Lynn W. $1,117 Loretta Di Censo-Tiber Director PA
  America G. $1,524 Bertha Zuniga Director in Qualification CA
  Abbey And Sam H. $1,096 Jean Crawford Director in Qualification AL
  Kristina O. $1,263 Gina Cancilla Star Manager NY
  Bla C. $1,017 Blanca Chavez Star Manager CA
  Jeanne E. $1,445 Verita Buboltz Manager FL
  Dana C. $1,372 Suzanne Reiff Manager VA
  Bertha O. $1,144 Bertha Ochoa Consultant CA
  Lisa S. $1,110 Margaret Mandato Consultant NJ
01/17/2010 Cathy L. $2,563 Kevin Farrell Director CA
  Karen M. $653 Susan Mayes Director RI
  Michelle M. $1,061 Robert Suchan Director in Qualification NY
  Dana F. $1,005 Mary Anterhaus Director in Qualification MO
  Vicki A. $800 Mary Hafemann Star Manager WI
  Sara H. $510 Amy Schmidt Manager MN
  Glenda L. $486 Richelle Hack Manager TN
  Veronica S. $1,090 Veronica Spettmann Consultant NY
  Maria G. $607 Maria Miranda Consultant WI
01/18/2010 Nazeli D. $752 Ayda Darwichian Director CA
  Cheyanne P. $546 Pat Culbertson Legacy Executive Director FL
  Kate R. $1,070 Megan Beyer Director in Qualification WI
  Cheryl M. $765 Barb Mounsey Director in Qualification IN
  Sheila R. $1,532 John Radochio Star Manager WV
  Emma G. $706 John Radochio Star Manager WV
  Nancy L. $1,124 Brenda Welbes Manager WI
  Yvonne M. $533 Yvonne Mallow Manager PA
  Sharon W. $1,104 Sandra Moore Consultant WV
  A A. $1,001 Claudia Marin Consultant NV
01/19/2010 Mary Leigh H. $2,385 Oscar Quintero Star Director CA
  Rachel R. $1,164 Leann Draxten Star Director MN
  Karen F. $1,064 Nikki Burchett Director in Qualification OH
  Tammy B. $780 Barb Mounsey Director in Qualification IN
  Angela S. $1,365 Janet Powell Star Manager VA
  Missy S. $1,233 Kim Williams Star Manager VA
  Rebecca K. $889 Diane Biello Manager NJ
  Connie D. $467 Marissa Lyon Manager VA
  Holly P. $1,481 Katie Johnson Consultant NE
  Sara J. $1,226 Sandi Schnaidt Consultant ND
01/20/2010 G S. $1,105 Tracy Berrett Legacy Executive Director UT
  Mary D. $1,088 Tammie Buttice Two Star Director WI
  Connie B. $1,173 Heidi Lindseth Director in Qualification MN
  Andrea T. $1,064 Martha Ramon Director in Qualification CA
  Kim H. $785 Kelly Wolf Star Manager PA
  Antrina M. $776 Debra Minniefield Star Manager CA
  Carrie R. $833 Stanley Coffman Manager OH
  Dolores W. $826 Connie Schmidt Manager OH
  Joanne M. $1,092 Ruell Cuanzon Consultant WA
  Michelle A. $1,065 Judy Fields Consultant NJ
01/21/2010 Luci And Abby S. $1,350 Ellen Kalicicki Director PA
  April W. $1,268 Mark Grasl Director MI
  Len T. $1,000 Lenice Tornow Director in Qualification SD
  Nichole S. $797 Mary Strand Director in Qualification MN
  Kara M. $1,131 Mary Ogburn Star Manager PA
  Encore R. $1,045 Kim Toth Star Manager FL
  Lynette F. $1,506 Shelly Opstedal Manager ND
  Rachael E. $1,277 Suzanne Reiff Manager MD
  Sandi I. $1,234 Deana Shoun Consultant TN
  Elaine K. $1,200 Penny Suttle Consultant OH
01/22/2010 Jim P. $1,710 Nancy Puckette Legacy Executive Director NY
  Debbie E. $1,440 Oscar Quintero Star Director CA
  Gina R. $1,620 Sharon Johnson Director in Qualification TN
  Lisa T. $1,256 Robert Suchan Director in Qualification NY
  Angela B. $1,018 Cheryl Eubanks Star Manager CA
  Karen N. $1,000 Sandy Beck Star Manager WI
  Christy A. $1,562 Florence Rappold Manager AR
  Mandy W. $1,418 Amanda Taylor Manager PA
  Sarah D. $1,536 Sarah Deshazo Consultant VA
  Amy S. $1,490 Diane Falcon Consultant TN
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