Modular Mates® Large Spice Shaker Set/Black


Product Details

Never worry about stale spices again.

Product Details

Never worry about stale spices again. The double-hinged tops on these containers make it easy to spoon or sprinkle your favorite spices.

  • Large Spice Shaker set includes four 1-cup/250 mL large containers with Black seals
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Rosemary Guest 3/30/2018
Reviewer: Rosemary
That’s what I’m waiting for too Kimberly, the small shakers and carousel. I just love my Tupperware I think think I am going to become a salesperson.
Ann 2/28/2018
Reviewer: Annabelle
I've been using these for 40 years. As with all seals, soak them in hot sudsy water! You never have to fight the seal if you do that. I love these spice shakers,
and they keep my spices fresh! Humidity doesn't get in and my spices stay fresh for at least 2 years! I buy my spice labels online. Couldn't be happier! You can purchase the smaller 1/2 cup spice containers and rack every year when they have the Modular Mates annual sale every January! I've never broken a nail opening and closing these spice containers. I take care of my Tupperware, and they always look brand new, no matter how many years go by.
Don't bother! Horrible product! 1/28/2018
Reviewer: Tonya
I usually love Tupperware, but I hated these spice containers. My spices were not airtight, they became a hard stiff chunk that I had to chisel out. Plus, to open these you have to be prepared to break off all your finger nails trying to pry them open. Then, when you get them open, you can't reseal them if even a spec of spice is on the shaker part. These things were worthless.
Best Spice Containers 11/1/2017
Reviewer: Kimberly
I have both the large & small spice shakers. These are perfect for storing your spices, sugar, & whatever else you can put in them. I use these for bread dipping spices, sprinkles, special salt, homemade & exotic spice blends, & these keep them fresh for a very long time. I have stored many things for years in mine, & I haven't had anything go bad. I plan to buy more for all my spices. I do hope they come back with the small shakers & carousel.