Microwave Reheatable Luncheon Plates


Product Details

Microwave-safe plates are lightweight, yet virtually unbreakable. Use them as part of a serving collection or on-the-go year round.

Product Details

Microwave-safe plates are lightweight, yet virtually unbreakable. Use them as part of a serving collection or on-the-go year round, whether on the patio, by the pool, at the park or while traveling in the car on vacation.

  • Footed base allows even airflow in the microwave, so you can get a meal to the table quickly
  • Generous rim stays cool to the touch and helps keep food contained on the plate
  • Nest together for compact storage
  • Set of four
  • 9½"/24 cm
  • In Sea Green
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Microwave-reheatable products are not intended for cooking. Typical reheating is at 50-70% power, depending on the wattage of your microwave. Check your owner's manual for more information.


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Color 2/1/2018
Reviewer: Monique
I wish these came in a different color. Not a fan of the sea green.
Well worth the money! 8/5/2017
Reviewer: Cheryl
I'm still using a set I had in my demo kit -1987!! Gonna finally retire them!! Looking forward to the nex 30 years with this new set!!
Reviewer: Laura
First off, these are obscenely expensive for what they are and as someone else pointed out, basically ugly and in poor colors. The one thing they are to me is nostalgic. But, forget about washing them in the dishwasher. Top shelf, bottom shelf, in between somewhere, these inevitably get these weird white marks that cannot be gotten rid of. Not to mention, these dishes scratch terribly. The first time you cut or frankly just touch them with a utensil, there it is. A very noticeable scratch. Now, I have glass dishes, also, and they scratch, but, they wash up in the dishwasher and don't have weird white marks of indeterminate chemistry origins. I had these about a month before they went into recycling. I'm dubious about that, but, it has the recycle symbol on the bottom. Do. Not. Recommend. Nope.
Missing one plate 5/9/2017
Reviewer: LeeAnne
Just received them. I love the color, and will get a lot of use out of them. However, the set of 4 was a set of 3. Not sure why there were only 3 in the package. I need to let the consultant know. I will probably never use all 4 at once but since I paid for 4, I should have the whole set! By the way, I used to have a different set of Tupperware plates, but they were old an warped. While these say they are microwave safe, I would be careful and not get them overheated.
Luncheon Plates 5/4/2017
Reviewer: Lance
no...these are not worth $9 per plate with shipping. Watch what happens when they start to warp or white marks show up and they do everything they can to tell you their warranty does not cover your issue.
no color selection which is hard to believe since this place has been in business for years.

typical customer service with robotic answers on line or on the phone. It's a wonder they're still in business...
Confused? 4/15/2017
Reviewer: Cynthia
I have no idea why everyone is complaining about the price of these plates. They literally pay for themselves 10x over. They last FOREVER (in my Sandlot voice). Definitely getting your money's worth with these plates!
Disappointed 3/28/2017
Reviewer: Michelle
I have some no-name-brand plastic plates for my grandchildren. They are very good quality and have more than served their purpose but are now all scratched up due to children not understanding they cannot use a knife to cut up their food on a plastic plate. So, I came to Tupperware in the hopes of finding a good replacement option. My favorite color is green. But not this green. This green looks like a throwback from the 90's. And this green is especially terrible for a child's plate. I am disappointed there are no color options. I am disappointed there is not a package of four different colors so children don't confuse who's plate is who's. And I am VERY disappointed in the price. Four plates for $29.00?? That is $7.50 for each plate. There is no way I would pay that much for one plate. I am just so very disappointed. On to Option B.
So sad! 3/23/2017
Reviewer: Christy
Exactly what I was looking for! Disappointing that there is no color selection. And there is NO way I'm spending that much for 4 plates! On to look for option B.
GR8 PL8 2/16/2017
Reviewer: Leslie
These plates are wonderful, I logged onto this site specifically to find these. I will absolutely not pay $29 for 4 of them. Onto another option......
Love these plates! 6/28/2016
Reviewer: TRINA
I love these plates but not enough to pay $29 (plus shipping too!). Yes these are great and hold up well in the microwave but my word why so expensive. There are indeed many great Tupperware items that last for years but why has it become so expensive. If you going to charge so much for your items then please lower the shipping charge, or offer some coupons at least.