Microwave Breakfast Maker Set


Product Details

Includes Breakfast Maker for omelets, oatmeal and French toast.

Product Details

Includes Breakfast Maker for omelets, oatmeal and French toast. Plus two Inserts for poached eggs and egg patties.

  • In Rhubarb/Royal Amethyst
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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FANTASTIC 3/2/2017
Reviewer: JODY
I got mine free for hosting a party a few yrs ago (no inserts at the time) used it for omelets and steaming asparagus. I purchased the inserts when they came out and love steaming 2 eggs at the same time for our egg "mc-muffins" .
Reviewer: Melissa
I just went to my very first Tupperware party last week and purchased the breakfast baker... it NOW comes with the 2 inserts to do poached eggs!! ( $29) It did used to only be sold separately, so when you order your breakfast baker, your consultant should order your inserts to be sent to you. Like I said, I have had this one week.... I have made brownies in it twice and scrambled egg bake once. This thing is great! I can't wait to find other things to bake in it.
Rip off 10/8/2016
Reviewer: Linda
I was at a recent party and ordered the breakfast maker SET that clearly states it comes with egg inserts. I even asked if they came with the inserts and was told yes. My order arrived and they were not included. I assure you I would not have paid $29 for a plastic omelet maker. I wanted this product as pictured and have been told I have to order the inserts separately. Won't do it and will never buy another piece of Tupperware again!
Best. Thing. EVER! 7/30/2016
Reviewer: Jen
I LOVE the Breakfast Maker!

I use this for everything and the time that it saves makes it well worth the price. You can have 2 fully cooked eggs in 2 minutes - no fuss, no muss. If you need to reheat something, this is your Huckleberry! I don't know what magic it is made from, but it takes less time to reheat everything- and it keeps it moist!

It's so easy to clean up too - and you can eat right out of it if you want. For me, this was a game changer. I can now eat breakfast without breaking out a pan, a dish, turning on the stove, cleaning up multiple things, and all that jazz.
Love My Breakfast Maker 6/13/2016
Reviewer: Deanna
I just can't say enough about my Breakfast Maker. I love, love, love it. It truly makes the best omelette ever in 2 minutes. No mess, No skillets to wash. And my daughter it to. This is great for adults and teens.