Insulated Tumbler


Product Details

Double-wall design prevents condensation and keeps drinks cold for hours.

Product Details

Double-wall design prevents condensation and keeps drinks cold for hours. Includes Drip-Less Straw Seal.

  • 24 oz./700 mL.
  • In Turquish
  • Straw not included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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It's ok 7/28/2018
Reviewer: Glenda
This tumbler is too large to fit in my car's drink holder, so I just use it at home. I like that there is no condensation, but ice melts quickly in it. Maybe if I filled it completely with ice, it would last longer, but I want some beverage too.
LOVE it! 5/31/2018
Reviewer: Patricia
I absolutely love my new tumbler. At first, I was kind of surprised that a straw did not come with it, but I bought a box of neon straws and love it. It's a lot more sanitary and more fashionable if you ask me. I use my tumbler daily at work and its great because it does not condensate as EVERY other cup Tumbler I've ever had, does. I would highly recommend everyone to purchase this. I promise, you will be satisfied.
Use this tumbler everyday 3/14/2018
Reviewer: Diane
These are my faves - I have several - I fill one up with ice & top it off with water and take to work. I use it in the car also. Why spend money on bottled water & have the bottles to throw away when you can have this nice Tupperware cup? I have not had any trouble finding a straw to use in it - that's a petty issue I think. They do great in the dishwasher (always a plus) and are my go - to must have.
Sq 2/13/2018
Reviewer: Sylvia
I have two, they are great to take wherever you go.

I’ve noticed several reviews that mention an issue with the straw. I purchased a box of 10 1/4” straws from Smart and Final. They are the perfect size.
Insulated Tumbler 12/29/2017
Reviewer: Sharon
I love the tumbler and on my second one. My issue is, not with the straw, but with the straw opening in the cover. It wears out overtime and causes leakage. I have to cover the tumbler with press n' seal wrap to prevent leaks when I bring to work, etc. I need to request a replacement cover, the tumbler never wears out.
Family Favorite 8/2/2017
Reviewer: Nicole
This tumbler is in high demand within our family. Love the size and the fact that there is no condensation on the outside of it. This product is definitely one that I have on my wishlist, because one just isn't enough for our family of four.
Solving the Short Straw Dilemma 7/19/2017
Reviewer: Cynthia
I have found straws from the movie theater (where drinks come in enormously large cups) tend to be long enough for this tumbler. When I purchase an over-priced drink at the movies....I take home a few extra straws. Problem solved. If this seems unethical, kudos to you for your high moral standards and keep on fighting with those standard size straws.
Not the best cup for my 5 year old 7/12/2017
Reviewer: Amy
I purchased the insulated tumbler for my son to take with him when we go to the playground in the summer. These tumblers have a spot on the top for your own straw, however, I have yet to find a straw long enough to reach the bottom of the tumbler. I have tried two different brands of straws - no dice. This makes it awkward for anyone, not just a child, to try to drink from when the contents get low. We end up tipping the cup forward to try to reach it. Often, my son has lost his straw inside the tumbler during this process, which has been extremely frustrating, and I find myself choosing other cups over this one because of this, which really defeats the purpose of the purchase. I have love all my other products from Tupperware, but this design does not seem well thought out.
Lasts forever! 7/1/2017
Reviewer: Karen
Just reordered this tumbler because the one I had for 15+ years finally wore out! I'm hoping the new one lasts me just as long!
Tumbler 4/25/2017
Reviewer: Mikki
I love these tumblers!! Yes, they are a bit pricey, but worth it! They last forever and I hate when condensation forms on the outside of a tumbler, this one does not do that! It is very well made. Now, let us address the straw controversy....I for one am glad that it doesn't come with a straw!! First, bacteria builds up on them, it doesn't matter how many times you wash it or put it in the dishwasher! Bacteria builds up!! So, I am glad I can use my disposable straws! Tupperware tumbler $22, disposable straws $1.99, a bacterial infection...see the, I am not a doctor, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn once!!
One of my favorite gifts 4/17/2017
Reviewer: Patty
I got this tumbler 10 years ago as a gift (it came in orange then) and I use it all the time. I have loved it. It is just now starting to look a little worn. I'm a fan of disposable straws--more sanitary as the others are too hard to clean--so I don't mind that it doesn't come with one. Time to own a green one!
Cute cup - spring fling 4/2/2017
Reviewer: Terrill
Nice sturdy looking cup. Would be better if it either came with a straw or was given the option to purchase one. For Tupperware to charge $20+ for a 24 oz cup and it not include a straw is unheard of.

I assume this is because the same cup is $12 if you purchase it as a hostess' party. But I am still a bit puzzled how Tupperware speaks so highly of the importance of using their entire line yet you are forced to use a subpair straw.
Insulated Tumbler 2/13/2017
Reviewer: ELAINE
I got the tumbler with a straw! Nice but Price is out of line!
No straw 2/3/2017
Reviewer: Debra
I was disappointed that it didn't have a straw, also doesn't give an option to order one.
no straw 1/30/2017
Reviewer: Pat
Nice tumbler but it does not come with a straw and there is no option to order one.