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We believe you should get more out of dating. That’s why we make dating (AKA scheduling) a party with a Tupperware Consultant so awesomely rewarding.


Date Me Recipes

Now listen. We know there are tons of great recipes online, but that blogger’s not going to come over to your house and show you how to make it like your Tupperware Consultant can. Here's a few delicious options.


Once you see how much your Consultant loves partying for a living, you may even want to take it to the next level and start your own Tupperware business. Hey—just throwing it out there.

Host Credit for Free Products

This is the Tupperware spending credit you earn from your party’s total sales. The more your party guests buy, the more Host Credit you’ll earn to select Tupperware® products. You’ll also earn half-price selections.

Redeem your Host Credit and half-off purchases for ANY item in our catalog, except the fundraising items and special offer featured on the back cover.

Limited Time Only Offers

Stretch your earned Host Credit farther with these Host-exclusive offers. Earn them with qualifying party sales and by having two friends date and hold their own Tupperware parties.

Summer Jam Picnic Accessories Set - Host Bonus only $39 with a $600 party + 2 datings through July 14, 2017.

Summer Jam Picnic Set - FREE! with a $500 party + 2 datings through August 25, 2017.

Host Credit & Half-Price Selections

Party Sales
Host Credit Earned
Half-price Selections

$1,000 or more

20% of party sales (=$200 or more in Host Credit)



15% of party sales (=$75-$150 in Host Credit)



10% of party sales (=$28-$50 in Host Credit)




$500 x 15% = $75 in Host Credit

Choose any 2 additional products at half-price

Half-price selections and Host offers do not count toward the party sales used to calculate Host Credit. Shipping and Handling is free for all items purchased with Host Credit. Shipping and handling is charged on items purchased without Host Credit, co-pay offers and half-price items.

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Want to know more about Tupperware® products, Hosting a party or starting your own business?

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