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Daily Top Party Hosts receive the TupperWave® Stack Cooker Starter Set Up to 10 guests who place the highest order receive the Large Sports Bottle.


Daily Top Party Hosts

Week 6, January 30th through February 5th (Look for a different week)

Date: Host Name: Party Sales: Consultant Name: Title: State:
1/30/2010 Mariana G. $1,845 Maria Rodriguez Star Director CA
  Nicole M. $1,184 Debbie Samples Legacy Executive Director OH
  Julie E. $1,467 Deb Honor Director in Qualification MA
  Lupina P. $1,117 Dora Morales Director in Qualification TX
  Alan/ Lynette S. $1,031 Lynette Evans Star Manager UT
  Terri E. $766 Michelle Roberts Star Manager CO
  Maria G. $1,434 Mercedes Torres Manager NV
  Sue K. $1,034 Toni Thomas Manager WI
  Mary B. $1,461 Ruby Beachy Consultant OH
  Shannon F. $1,387 Julie Brown Consultant OR
1/31/2010 Ashley L. $616 Cindy Turner Director PA
  Bonnie B. $612 Alicia Manning Director GA
  Susie B. $461 Mary Jane Harrigan Director in Qualification MD
  Bev G. $451 Kristen Loflin Director in Qualification VA
  Kellie D. $744 Ann Ridle Star Manager VA
  Shirley P. $450 Edy Kempney Star Manager NY
  Patti H. $1,354 Denise Sckalor Manager NY
  Paula L. $584 Denise Sckalor Manager NY
  Peggy R. $833 Jennifer Case Consultant MN
  Heather D. $734 Annette Jones Consultant IL
2/1/2010 Sandie T. $1,149 Denice Rock Director AZ
  Amanda D. $1,031 Beth Roehl Director MN
  Jessica P. $1,510 Robert Suchan Director in Qualification NJ
  Heather V. $1,222 Robert Suchan Director in Qualification NJ
  Misty C. $1,500 Pamela Koester Star Manager CO
  Linda G. $694 Sherrill Hilton Star Manager MO
  Fidela G. $876 Tracy Pearson Manager TX
  Rebecca I. $816 Rebecca Dileo Manager MA
  Rosa A. $1,136 Lizzett Muzquiz Consultant TX
  Ana B. $1,006 Ana Brenes Consultant CA
2/2/2010 Kathy S. $1,226 Oscar Quintero Star Director CA
  Dawn H. $1,033 Leann Draxten Star Director MN
  Cathy S. $756 Landi Bratt Director in Qualification WA
  Vickie F. $570 Virginia Stultz Director in Qualification TX
  Loretta M. $1,235 Mary Jane Dodd Star Manager IL
  Eunice And Janelle L. $1,028 Joanne Bell Star Manager NV
  Diana M. $1,006 Diana Mills Manager AL
  Angie B. $921 Kim Miller Manager MI
  Carol B. $2,332 Dale Calandra Consultant IL
  Mindy B. $1,325 Nicole Amundson Consultant MN
2/3/2010 Teri L. $2,084 Kevin Farrell Director CA
  Rita (Gina) W. $1,299 Rita Wilson Legacy Executive Director MS
  Lisa W. $1,789 Robert Suchan Director in Qualification NY
  Tamara L H. $542 Dawn Valenzuela Director in Qualification CA
  Renee W. $675 Georgene Mulder Star Manager WI
  Elizabeth S. $590 Nancy Jared Star Manager TN
  Amanda R. $1,326 Rebecca Dileo Manager MA
  Amanda G. $1,105 Susan Fox Manager KS
  Ginny L. $1,202 Joyce Beard Consultant VA
  Lisa G. $1,100 Edie Young Consultant OH
2/4/2010 Melinda H. $1,413 Alyssa Leusink Director CA
  Debbie G. $1,161 Debra Gravois Two Star Director TX
  Kristy S. $1,183 Val Trooien Director in Qualification MN
  Beverly B. $623 Pamela Sawin Director in Qualification MI
  Jennie B. $1,456 Tanya Austin Star Manager IL
  Felice L. $771 Kelly Schrader Star Manager MI
  Hilda E. $1,127 Marilyn Redding Manager AZ
  Sabrina T. $1,080 Barb Garb Manager CA
  Gina S. $1,468 Valori Dunn Consultant OH
  Jyl D. $1,216 Wendy Purdon Consultant MA
2/5/2010 Judi D. $1,408 Judi Daugherty Legacy Executive Director TX
  Karin M. $1,329 Lynn Matsui Legacy Executive Director CA
  Alisha P. $1,923 Janet Powell Director in Qualification VA
  Barb H. $1,105 Lenice Tornow Director in Qualification SD
  Linda R. $1,290 John Radochio Star Manager WV
  Betty G. $1,139 Michelle Klapoetke Star Manager WI
  Kathy K. $1,182 Michelle Keppler Manager IA
  Roanna M. $1,078 Kris Tokunaga Manager CA
  Cynde M. $1,709 Mona Bradley Inactive Consultant OK
  Yida C. $1,532 Mabel Fleites Consultant FL
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